Do not hard to polish a surface of the light therapy, especially in the trailing edge.

⒈ hand sanitizer to guests wash their hands at the same time wash your hands of the manicurist.

⒉ to guests and disinfected with disinfectant.

⒊ disinfectant disinfection tool, or come up with sterilized tools.

⒋ disinfection washing nail refers to the skin.

⒌ grinding machine grinding nail gel A real nails, but do not hurt. Ground to coming true A sand bar mill.

⒍ use the brush dust.

⒎ manicure, polish or varnish.

⒏ coated hand Cream.

⒐ guests left the cleaning and disinfection of tools.

A warped light therapy for many reasons, smear desiccant in order to remove the nail surface oils and moisture, light therapy is not easily warped. Xuzhou nail training prompted prevent phototherapy A warped attention point:

Graffiti in place, especially the trailing edge and sides. Vertical engraved mill.

The dust must be clean, preferably with a small brush bristles.

3 desiccant or to deal with the liquid.

4 brush binder, to take a very small amount of glue, light therapy pen open, push-pull gluing back and forth in the surface of the carved wear a good capitalists.

Trailing edge is not gluing thick.

Do not hard to polish a surface of the light therapy, especially in the trailing edge.

Dust before 7. Seal coat should be clean.

How to choose a good SPA chair

Introduction: In Europe and the United States society, the so-called “nail” are “part of the manicure and pedicure, divided into” pedicure and manicure in two parts. “Spa chair” and most recent ten years to change. With the scale of the industry is getting bigger and bigger, the modular design, the SPA chair is to remove the “nail technician” to help the customer service process, the basin-side water; or carpentry, plumbing experts face design fixed bathroom vanities trouble evolved. “Spa chair” can meet the fast to show clean-up with the nail technician, customers sanitation and hygiene needs. SPA chair structure is divided into a part of the “base” and “seat”, but also because the process of customer service need to use water, so the design must consider “electrical safety” in order to avoid ranging from the client, the risk of manicurists even lead to litigation occurred.

The following share and talk to the “base” and “seat”.

(As to please the professional carpenters, hydropower division transfer fixed SPA chair, not on the inside, those are the customer-made)

SPA part of the base:

** Spa base “material”: This part must consider the customer’s weight and the use of time. The customer weight while Pobai the, plus the seat weight, it is usually pressure. Spa chairs the general use of time are more than 2,3 years, and warm water (about the pass in the photo – type 30 ° -40 °), sometimes the manicurist with the use of value-added aromatherapy class (water pH may change) or the treatment of foot pathology

Common are two kinds of “acrylic” and “glass fiber”.

** SPA chassis design:

* Telescopic cylinder (seat separation)

* Base + seat combination (commonly known as forming one)

The detailed structure is divided into: basin with base can be separated

One of the accessories:

1, hot and cold water tap switch

2, Showerheads

3, the inlet pipe (Pompon head pipe is separate)

4, vent pipes

5 to overflow pipes

6, the controller switches

7, LED light kit

8, backwater motor

9, forced drainage motor

10, the controller

SPA chair design is easy to use, so the basic installation should be reserved for the hot water piping, cold water piping, discharge piping, electrical outlet, generally to be installed before the first place. Free get the when Zhuangwan see the exposed water pipes, drain pipes, and to extend the line a bunch of.

The part of the seat:

In the purchase, should pay attention to set aside the “back of the chair away from the wall (because the chair after lie not touch) the left and right distance” (based management in the SPA chair to complete the hand)

Now the market is divided into functional:


Functional massage chair

If it is and with telescopic cylinder, that is to design a telescopic cylinder put the sofa. Link part of the spa base with chair and basically, depends on the base design of the chair, each link fixed location will be different.

The function of the chair, let the guests attendance, to sit on a fractional, it is divided into:

(1) flip-up armrests (pulled 90 degrees)

(2) before and after push the handrail (handrail pulled back half of the location)

(3) swivel seat (chair rotation)

Chair the appearance of the use of leather types, colors, style design.

Chair comfort in addition to leather, depends on the type of cushions use foam, structural design,

Way of sewing (or sat, also sat for a long time will know good and bad, and everyone is feeling the difference.)

Type of massage chair is divided into:

(1) only simple vibration

(2) heating cushion

(3) simple kneading flapping

(4) the professional kneading flapping

Mainly to see the mechanical structure for what, such as massage arm, electric motors, vibration motors, heating pad, linear design, the massage mode control. Still have to personally try to be felt different.