Gel lucido e trasparente, facile da applicare. Rifinisce le unghie e le rende più lucide e più forti. Questo gel può essere rimosso con il detergente RAINNAIL o con altri detergenti in commercio.

Vantaggi interessanti:

  • Durata: Oltre 2 settimane di protezione perfetta ad alta tenuta
  • Trasparenza : look naturale e finitura lucida.
  • Lucido : Effetto liscio e levigato
  • Tipo di cura : asciuga con lampade a LED o UV.
  • Caratteristiche : poco odore e non causa reazioni pericolose.
  • Facilità di rimozione : rimovibile dopo l’immersione nel solvente RAINAIL per qualche minuto.

LED Light vs UV

LED Light

led-light-1.jpgThere can be many differences between UV and LED gels, but the big difference is in the photoinitiators. Certain photoinitiators are used for UV LED gels, while the photoinitiators used for traditional UV gels are different.
“UV” stands for “ultraviolet,” which is a wavelength beyond what human eyes can see. On the electro-magnetic spectrum, it’s roughly between 100 nm. and 400 nm. (The violet light you see inside your gel light is the farthest color on the light spectrum human eyes can see; human eyes can’t see the ultraviolet wavelength that’s actually curing the gel.) UV gel lamps use bulbs that are compact fluorescents (known as “CFLs” or compact fluorescent lamps).
The wavelength on LED gel lights is much narrower than that of the UV/compact fluorescent lights. This ­narrow wavelength emits the right amount of the specific UV-A wavelength that’s needed to cure LED-curable gels, which is why LED-curable gels cure faster in LED lights than in UV/CFL gel lights.
As most UV gels require the use of 350 nm. to cure, most UV lamps emit a wavelength ranging from roughly 320 to 400 nm. But an LED manufacturer that uses an LED gel that is rated for 375 nm. will use bulbs that emit from only 370 to 380 nm. “LED” stands for “light emitting diode,” which refers to the type of bulb an LED gel lamp uses.
Most of the ultraviolet light emitted by gel lamps (whether they’re marketed as UV lamps or UV-LED lamps) is Ultraviolet-A (UV-A), which is safer for humans than Ultraviolet-B (UV-B). The bulbs used in UV nail lights contain special internal filters that remove almost all UV-B.

Information from NAIL MAGAZINE
LED vs. UV: By Rise’ Carter

removable Gel Nail to replace Acrylic Nail.

crystal nails need to grind a surface, easy to damage the nails, the girls Scared detachable phototherapy nail in recent years to become the new darling of many girls, just smear the gel can be lasting increase gloss, nail salon, said Kai Ruisha children and consumers to shop, do light therapy plus hand, foot and maintenance accounted for 8 to 9 percent, while today’s popular nail polish gel phototherapy, compared to traditional light therapy is completed A surface is thicker, the A shiny spa like nail polish, the thickness of the natural like coating layer of nail polish, some brand aspirations completely without grinding the true A, can also buy professional self-removable light water is expected to will cause a pandemic. Continue reading