DIY Beauty Salon useful tool to share ~ stylus produced powder Easy

The  gel is now the popular ~

The garland change is one of the basic shape in the gel changes

General garlands can be used to fine a brush, a toothpick … thin pointed items to complete the outside

What else can be done to the lines sketched?

Reference look at the “stylus” Hello ~ What’s the difference? Any different?

Fine lines of a brush hook, elastic pen hair easily absorbed the color, the next additional amount, to cleanse, we will be blending

Toothpick hook lines, granularity is limited, unless cut very fine tip Moreover, the toothpick is too small, easily seen, but it is not difficult to obtain

Stylus hook lines, fine enough, the needle is not easy coloring, although small, needle, but with the body of the pen needle can be incorporated into, easy to incorporate

Focus can!

Take a look at how to do to support their own stylus!


Today, we have to prepare the materials have a mechanical pencil 2 pliers beads needle



☆ automatic pencil need to find 0.5 cm so as to put 0.4m beads needle

Bead needle very easy to buy a box of 20 to 30 per month, many needles to a not (that is, the kind of clothes in the bar false Matou beads needle)

Mechanical pencil to find support their own love of color!




First, we use the pliers on the bead needle round beads to cut ~ (Be careful, the beads will bounce, do not bomb to someone else or yourself!)



Then, in a mechanical pencil refill to the remove (usually buy a new one, which will have attached two refill)

Then the body of the needle into the pen as a pencil lead ~

Then, has been press …….. press out!!!

You have successfully completed an easy to use “stylus”


Completed, we start the next test to do gel garlands ~~

The first color plastic painted ~ remember, all the actions are continuous!

In order to avoid the lines and colors are enough neat ~


Then we come up with the stylus just do a good job, ready to pull the flower hug ~

Please prepare a piece of paper next to the end of each stroke, clean needle written, in order to avoid blending Oh!


Lines began to pull ~ photos you want homeopathic pull out


Pull all the lines ~ Dangdang complete!


Again pull again ~ The use of shallow depth of the stack of color quickly pull the time to effect more obvious.


Intimate small reminder:

A. Department of pull-color contrast color is preferred, color arrangement, shallow, deep, shallow, deep, shallow, ideal, the pattern will be more clearly

      We compared the click Finish (Figure 1), deep shades of shades, can understand the first line too dark arc is not enough

      After the completion of two use the arrangement of the superficial and deep, the difference of the two effects

Two. Remember, the tip of the stylus is hard to nail polish above painting, carefully pull the flowers, will avoid scraping to pull the destruction of the nail polish,

    Completion of the use surface gently pull

3. The needle is very sharp, carefully finished using, please remember to close the needle – like pencil lead as income, hold down the income go to ~

  Nail tools is too much too much ….


I hope we can offer this little DIY you will like it 🙂


Nail Shirley Beauty Salon and encourage one another