Summer a natural to the release of their feet

Summer a natural to the release of their feet, put on the sandals of the United States and the United States but there is no nail to set off that too is how lonely, so the most popular the Nail training courses selected top style, completely let your feet no reservations bloom.

Placer gold, sand mix and match

Sand placer gold immediately mix and match as a whole is full of exotic, red and green colors to create a romantic atmosphere!

2, the dot

Dot design and unique material selection, issued by the original old-fashioned Claret dispersion young impression.

3, the elegant blue

The elegance of blue is not sinking hot heart calmed down, top grade wind with bright beads, showing the elegant look.

4, jumping red water

Jump the polish red with marble handle texture and shine fingertips at the same time can show your personality.

5, the easy way out of the golden

Shaopian black mm do not dare try white Nail This nail joined the golden Department very easy way to bring out the noble side, with the stars dotted with playful atmosphere greatly enhanced.

6, the gradient sunset colors

Gradient of red and purple with a sunset like the splendor of color, only lace and a small diamond slight embellishment, taste almost certain women.

7, Summer Naval Air

Navy wind remains a constant theme of the summer vacation leisure or work can be faded in popularity of fashion gas field showing.

8, engaging and maroon

Dark reddish brown overall more engaging, while pink can and out Jiangse Department dull. Both with a very conspicuous.

Orange red and blue summer mood

Has brought us more than just cool word vivid summer tone, red and blue orange, the nail learn Nail build techniques are divided into fresh.

10, pink candy color

Always be sprouting the screaming girls, candy-like moist color, no artificial bow against the background, how can you not love it.

11 colorful Diamond

Multicolored Diamond shows such as fairy-tale magic want the world, translucent silver glitter tie together for you hot summer big cooling.