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She has so many unbelievable Nail Art Works!!


This is just a quick post to show you my Guy Fawkes manicure –
The vision in my head looked a lot more like fireworks!
I used Eyeko’s Indigo as the base and just sprinkled on various nail art glitters on top.
All pics are clickable.
Although it didn’t turn out quite as I’d imagined, I still loved it and it was so sparkly!
Also, to finish here are a couple of pictures of the fireworks we went to see –

Do it yourself Manicure nails designs


We generally hire other people today to perform manicure but don’t you know that it is harmful? So beware!
It is better to do it yourself. Here’s how:

1. Very first prepare the simple tools such as a basin of warm water, an emery board preferably a high good quality one, orange stick, cuticle serum, cuticle trimmers, a soft flat nail buffer and brush.

2. File your nails into a shape of your selection. Do it towards the center of the nail bed and a 45 degree angle so that probabilities of wear and tear can be avoided rather it encourages growth.

3. Once you finish filing, work in the cuticle serum and soften your cuticles and tissues by soaking your hands in the warm water for a few minutes.

manicure nails designs14. Scrub the base of your nails with that flat nail brush and to trim your cuticles if necessary.

5.Lastly buffing provides a smooth look and improves the circulation to the nail bed itself.

When you have done with thorough manicure it is now time for you to select a nail design you would really like. Applying artificial nails regardless of whether acrylic,nail ideas or gel is the recent craze in nail style having said that if you want a fantastic nail style on artificial nails or your own nails it is greater to solicit tips from an professional in nail style or if you have your own thought it is great share with her to make certain that your fingernails will look fantastic as you wish!