Nail Gels nail polish

Nail Gels  nail polish, glue, commonly known as nail polish, glue, also known as plastic nail polish, is a combination of light therapy product characteristics of nail polish upgrade, popularity of the last two years, and its rapid pace in the country’s nail market.

Nail Gels the birth of nail polish, glue, originated from a wish, nail polish, nail shop, guests are most concerned about is the drying rate and keep the cycle, the two happens to be the birth of 100 years of nail polish is always guaranteed, nail polish, glue, turned out this growing demand, gel.

Good gloss, high brightness, curing drying time is short and secure, and maintain more long-term cycle, no bad smell of the Nail Gels  nail polish glue so many nail shops and consumers. Any of the products are not perfect, nail polish as the birth of a hundred years is still not solve the drying rate, keep the cycle, odors and other problems, just gave birth to the same nail polish, glue born Nail Gels also appears different , layered, warped, cracks, gloss, reduce discoloration, and slices off phenomenon frequently in use.

And market mature products, Nail Gels  nail polish, glue, in part stems from product development is not mature enough, and more impetuous from the nail market at the present stage, many nail technicians there is no real insight into product, but also unwilling to seriously learn to master the techniques used do not even follow the basic formal process, expectations and value not only experience even granted to operate, resulting in a lot of problems that could have been avoided.

The following is technical analysis for some representative Nail Gels  nail polish, glue common, Anqing nail training nail shop, nail technician can help. (Disclaimer: This article is purely technical articles, no ads and targeted, if some special brand, does not belong to the list of the following analysis, is another matter.)

A. The problem of warped: warped, nail polish, glue layer refers to Nail Gels associated or not associated to the end of the plastic surface of separation from the real A, the edge of tilt.


A real nail surface cleaning is not completely true A clean-up is not detailed enough, did not surface film of grease to clean up or clean up after not paying attention to the protection of the true A, and continue to touch the surface of the real nail, may have resulted in warped.

Do not use the bottom plastic of the same brand name products, Nail Gels application of nail polish, glue, advocate the use of the same series of the same brand, so more reliable. Do not fully understand the premise of the product characteristics, different brands of product mix is likely to cause adverse consequences.

. Painted with acrylics dry adhesive: many manicurists To the Nail Gels  nail polish glue to keep the nail on the more long-term, will be crystal A dry adhesive used applications, such an approach is just counterproductive, nail polish The glue will soon warped peeling. The Nail Gels  nail polish plastic products are removable, refused to be mixed with acidic substances, can not be used to bottoming.

Two. Hierarchical issues: stratification, refers to Nail Gels color nail polish, glue layer and the surface of the sealing layer separation, partial separation can see the air to enter.


One does not use the seal with the brand.

(2) there is no use to wipe the seal layer. Should use washable removable sealing layer.

3 nails leading edge Edge is not in place. Each layer when the adhesive must be Edge, not only is the final seal coat Edge.

4 colored plastic light followed by a cleaning solution scrub, and then cover seal coat. Color plastic light do not need to scrub, directly applied to the seal coat to avoid stratification.

5 color layer thickness, the seal layer is too thick.

Three. Crack problem: crack, means coated on the surface of the sealing layer cracks.

Causes and solutions: crack usually appear 1-2 days after the completion of the nail, if not properly treated, cracks will gradually increase until the seal coat cracked, flaky off. The main reason is to use a disposable seal relative to the scrub seal layer, disposable seal coat texture, hard and brittle, lack of toughness, often have sufficient toughness, nail polish, glue surface cracks phenomenon. Anqing nail schools suggest that you use to scrub the removable seal layer.

Four. Color: refers to the well Nail Gels  nail polish, glue nail color distortion, yellowing or color cast.


Too thick, a seal coat of adhesive is applied to the sealing layer of rubber coated again appropriate, if coated with more than twice will make the color cast.

(2) sealing layer of light for too long: sealing layer illumination time is not more than two minutes, the light too long there will be yellow phenomenon.

V. Reduce gloss: gloss reduction refers to the original should be crystal clear and bright seal coat surface brightness is not enough.


1 color plastic coated is not smooth, texture leaving brush marks, will make the surface gloss reduce

(2) selecting the wrong seal coat. Should use the same brand can be scrubbed removable sealing layer.

3 light finished not immediately scrub should stay around 20 seconds and then scrub.

4 scrub a piece of cotton is not clean, there is no update.

The use of the cleaning solution: Do not use cleaning fluid containing the acetone class Wipe the sealing layer, and should use professional light therapy A cleaning solution.

Illumination time is not enough: the seal coat should be in the light of Nail Gels according to two minutes.