DIY Beauty Salon useful tool to share ~ stylus produced powder Easy

The  gel is now the popular ~

The garland change is one of the basic shape in the gel changes

General garlands can be used to fine a brush, a toothpick … thin pointed items to complete the outside

What else can be done to the lines sketched?

Reference look at the “stylus” Hello ~ What’s the difference? Any different?

Fine lines of a brush hook, elastic pen hair easily absorbed the color, the next additional amount, to cleanse, we will be blending

Toothpick hook lines, granularity is limited, unless cut very fine tip Moreover, the toothpick is too small, easily seen, but it is not difficult to obtain

Stylus hook lines, fine enough, the needle is not easy coloring, although small, needle, but with the body of the pen needle can be incorporated into, easy to incorporate

Focus can!

Take a look at how to do to support their own stylus!


Today, we have to prepare the materials have a mechanical pencil 2 pliers beads needle



☆ automatic pencil need to find 0.5 cm so as to put 0.4m beads needle

Bead needle very easy to buy a box of 20 to 30 per month, many needles to a not (that is, the kind of clothes in the bar false Matou beads needle)

Mechanical pencil to find support their own love of color!




First, we use the pliers on the bead needle round beads to cut ~ (Be careful, the beads will bounce, do not bomb to someone else or yourself!)



Then, in a mechanical pencil refill to the remove (usually buy a new one, which will have attached two refill)

Then the body of the needle into the pen as a pencil lead ~

Then, has been press …….. press out!!!

You have successfully completed an easy to use “stylus”


Completed, we start the next test to do gel garlands ~~

The first color plastic painted ~ remember, all the actions are continuous!

In order to avoid the lines and colors are enough neat ~


Then we come up with the stylus just do a good job, ready to pull the flower hug ~

Please prepare a piece of paper next to the end of each stroke, clean needle written, in order to avoid blending Oh!


Lines began to pull ~ photos you want homeopathic pull out


Pull all the lines ~ Dangdang complete!


Again pull again ~ The use of shallow depth of the stack of color quickly pull the time to effect more obvious.


Intimate small reminder:

A. Department of pull-color contrast color is preferred, color arrangement, shallow, deep, shallow, deep, shallow, ideal, the pattern will be more clearly

      We compared the click Finish (Figure 1), deep shades of shades, can understand the first line too dark arc is not enough

      After the completion of two use the arrangement of the superficial and deep, the difference of the two effects

Two. Remember, the tip of the stylus is hard to nail polish above painting, carefully pull the flowers, will avoid scraping to pull the destruction of the nail polish,

    Completion of the use surface gently pull

3. The needle is very sharp, carefully finished using, please remember to close the needle – like pencil lead as income, hold down the income go to ~

  Nail tools is too much too much ….


I hope we can offer this little DIY you will like it 🙂


Nail Shirley Beauty Salon and encourage one another

COLOR GEL NAIL ART PENS Instant nail art with Color Gel Nail Art Pens


Color Nail Art Pens in a variety of colors helps you to create quick and versatile nail art designs.  Fine tip nail art pens allow for more intricate designs for nail art that requires more control and detail.  For even quicker designs, these nail art pens can be cured with UV Gel Lamp if desired, but it is not required to dry.  All colors are water based and non-toxic.

not only nails pretty and beautiful but also healthy.

A growing number of nail polish and nail products, on the one hand allows the were to have beautiful nails, on the other hand unwittingly harm the health of nails. The following the nail training courses talk about Is there any way to not only nails pretty and beautiful but also healthy.

Tips1: remover polish

MM who often use a acetone Resurrection of water, this Resurrection of water can quickly nails clean, but it also makes nails more vulnerable. Resurrection of the composition of water, regular products are marked on the bottle, acetone, there are other name such as dimethyl ketone, dimethyl ketone. General MM should minimize Resurrection of water, because no matter what the Resurrection water will wipe the grease to protect nails, make nails become drier!

Tips2: nail tidy

MM may think long fingernails will become more beautiful and more elegant, but this will make the nail easy to break! To the health of nails, should be appropriate to sacrifice a little nail length. As long as the repair of short some nails, and do not have to worry about nails too fragile fracture.

Tips3: hot water and soap

If a long time in hot water and soap or hand sanitizer containing soap to wash their hands, then, will the skin and nails have brought great harm to make the nail more dry and fragile. MM should avoid contact with hot water and cleaning products contain soap. Like soap, detergent, laundry detergent and liquid soap, etc., should be put on plastic gloves to protect your fingers only to do the housework, can also be coated with a thick layer of hand cream to the fingernail, can also be from the hands to protect.

Tips4: biotin

The so-called biological factors in fact vitamin H, it is to maintain the growth of the body’s natural water-soluble vitamin necessary for normal body function is to maintain normal growth, development and health of the necessary nutrients, can not through synthetic. Absorb enough biotin can make your nails strong, reducing out the emergence of hair and white hair. Many foods are rich in biotin, like milk, egg yolk, lean meat, and wheat, we usually should be eating!

Summer a natural to the release of their feet

Summer a natural to the release of their feet, put on the sandals of the United States and the United States but there is no nail to set off that too is how lonely, so the most popular the Nail training courses selected top style, completely let your feet no reservations bloom.

Placer gold, sand mix and match

Sand placer gold immediately mix and match as a whole is full of exotic, red and green colors to create a romantic atmosphere!

2, the dot

Dot design and unique material selection, issued by the original old-fashioned Claret dispersion young impression.

3, the elegant blue

The elegance of blue is not sinking hot heart calmed down, top grade wind with bright beads, showing the elegant look.

4, jumping red water

Jump the polish red with marble handle texture and shine fingertips at the same time can show your personality.

5, the easy way out of the golden

Shaopian black mm do not dare try white Nail This nail joined the golden Department very easy way to bring out the noble side, with the stars dotted with playful atmosphere greatly enhanced.

6, the gradient sunset colors

Gradient of red and purple with a sunset like the splendor of color, only lace and a small diamond slight embellishment, taste almost certain women.

7, Summer Naval Air

Navy wind remains a constant theme of the summer vacation leisure or work can be faded in popularity of fashion gas field showing.

8, engaging and maroon

Dark reddish brown overall more engaging, while pink can and out Jiangse Department dull. Both with a very conspicuous.

Orange red and blue summer mood

Has brought us more than just cool word vivid summer tone, red and blue orange, the nail learn Nail build techniques are divided into fresh.

10, pink candy color

Always be sprouting the screaming girls, candy-like moist color, no artificial bow against the background, how can you not love it.

11 colorful Diamond

Multicolored Diamond shows such as fairy-tale magic want the world, translucent silver glitter tie together for you hot summer big cooling.

White nail polish, lavender, gold, brown nail polish.

Summer Fun section, first paragraph:

Although the nail is not long, they can have cute nails Oh. Let us look at the finished product!

Is not it lovely? Remember that today’s theme is “at will” hold the mentality that the same as the children learn to draw, according to the description on the line. Relax more! Is not too deliberately to seek to clear lines. A bit crooked, or painted over the line does not matter Oh!

let’s look to be what material! Chose orange, watermelon red, lemon yellow, gold nail polish. Then, choose bright colors color is more rich, Oh.

The first step: first painted yellow nail polish as a background painted twice, the first time can be relatively thin, the second and then cover up make fuller colors. The background should pay attention not infected dirt or caking.

Step 2: In the position shown in Figure, from a nail the top right down the ramp painted, orange will be very eye-catching. Draw the line is not very accurate and do not feel offended by Oh. YY casual sense. And then cover it again in accordance with the original track.

The third step: at the top of the orange nails and then a big red to the end. The big red nail polish is a little pearl would be better to Kane.

Step four: gold painting of the final and then a slash up, some people may feel too colorful, then decorated with gold is the best. Enhance a gorgeous sense of oh. Finally then coated with a layer of transparent nail polish will do.

Colorful summer nail to complete. Shopping with friends, the nail must make girlfriends envy of Oh.

The second a romantic girl wind

Emphasis on girls wind, so the colors used is relatively short. Create a girl’s temperament, elegant and a little romantic.

Let’s look at the basic material it

White nail polish, lavender, gold, brown nail polish.

The first step: the first on the background, painted twice, coated with a pearl nail polish will be better. Will not let the color becomes concentrated. Note do not agglomerate.

Step Two: Figure location with purple nail polish in the nails tail painted diamond. According to the order of 1-4 draw. Then fill the middle.

Fox version of cottage nail gel nail. Best game of pass the time.

Raised his hand, facing the sun and enjoy the masterpiece on the nail. The sun reflects the exceptionally gorgeous beauty in the collections of purple flash and clear, trapped inside.

Warm water immersion to the finger’s skin soft, remember to be careful not allowed softener dripping on the A side, will not make the grow of the nails calcification. The dead skin push + dead skin clamp, cut off the dead skin around the nail bed repair type. Nail before protection is an essential step. Will not turn yellow, not breaking nails, to the United States and the United States a long time. Coated with colorless calcium fortified base oil, the great merit report became half.

The color of crushing sequins make the background of the first pass. Over-intensive deep purple glitter nail polish, and finally at your fingertips position dotted with a few grains of large pieces of flash piece. Fixed color of the top oil.

Not typing on the keyboard, do not do any housework, and to drink a cup in front of quiet watching a movie, waiting for the polish to dry process. Knew already spent one afternoon. Rub on the front of the mirror favorite lipstick went to the United States and the United States to a romantic dinner.

The hand is a woman’s face. Fingertips is the eyes of the palm of your hand. The charming woman will be careful care of their every finger. Weak temperature over the every inch of skin, resist inviting

You hear the sound of heart?

Very, very, very simple imitation of a nail gel nail.









Base oil, and half nails coated with a thin silver sequins nail polish, and fingertips evenly paved with large sequins nail polish

Wait to dry slowly

The Zaiding oil, and then simply paste the flower is complete.

Standard simple white French nails are more love, and now find that this shiny look better pinch, but also wild ha.

And then shoot the nails incidentally took ~ eat the way with po is coming up ~

Fingertips out of the flowers – imitation nail gel nail + Incidentally, a few food ~