Top 50 Nails Blogs from spbeauty

When it comes to “nailing” good ideas, information, and photos about nails – doing them professionally, keeping them in “tip”-top shape, and holding tight to the latest styles, these Top Nail Blogs will do it…

1.  A Polish Problem
Stay-at-home-mom Megan – a self-proclaimed “nail polish addict” – shares her ongoing obsession with nail products.

“Polished” Advice: Visiting A Polish Problem is like having your own personal shopper. Megan tries the nail products and gives honest feedback about her experiences: you discover the best products out there and get great how-to-use advice, too!

With every polish review, Megan posts a full-color photo. Every fun photo offers a close-up look at what the polish really looks like once it’s out of the bottle.

Nailin’ It: A Polish Program shares stories (and nasty photos) of nail infections, and documents her struggles and successes in overcoming them. On its first anniversary, the blog delighted one lucky member with a fabulous giveaway basket.

2.  Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss
Blogger Evil Angel doles out advice on nail polish, makeup and more for “twisted, strange, and out-there beauty.”

“Polished” Advice: Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss is the go-to blog for everything on the dark side: punk, goth, emo, rockabilly, and headbanger. Evil Angel promotes “the more interesting side of beauty” with shades of blood red, black, and neon green in makeup, jewelry, costumes, shoes, hair accessories, tattoos, and piercings.

Nailin’ It: Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss offers photos of some of the most spectacular nail designs ever seen. But beyond spiderweb nails, black lipstick, fishnets, and corsets, Evil Angel shares the soft side of marriage, motherhood, and her Native American heritage.

3.  Chromatic Misadventures
Claudia – a 30-something New York resident and Panama native – serves up a focused, award-winning blog: nail polish and nuthin’ but nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: Chromatic Misadventures is perfect for polish lovers who can’t stop looking at new colors. Beyond her daily posts and brilliant photos, Claudia links followers to other nail polish blogs, manufacturer sites, and nail polish contests and giveaways.

Nailin’ It: Aside from an occasional legal disclaimer, Chromatic Misadventures really sticks to the topic at hand. The content can get a little stale and repetitive for the average reader, but gives diehard color fans a regular fix.

4.  Gettin’ Nailed
The Asian Girl seeks out the most fabulous colors, and let’s everyone know where to find them.

“Polished” Advice: Gettin’ Nailed is one of those rare blogs that doesn’t overwhelm with distracting links and ads. Sadly, it lacks consistency. The Asian Girl may go months without a single post. While Gettin’ Nailed does deliver truly helpful leads for some of the most gorgeous colors, it tends to get a little off track at times — does anyone really need to know about The Asian Girl’s storage containers?

Nailin’ It:
Gettin’ Nailed features a super-convenient “la couleur du jour” tip. But since the posts are so few and far between, it’s hard to know how current the “current tips” actually are.

5.  Glammed-Up
Glammed-Up is not just about nail polish… it’s about the nail art obsession of glamour- and goth-lover Ainos2.

“Polished” Advice: Glammed-Up delivers a variety of nail art styles. Blogger Ainos2 is particularly fond of highly-detailed designs from the dark side. Quick links to other “Wicked Vixens” make it easy for goth and emo women and men to find that perfect evil look.

Nailin’ It: Glammed-Up gives instant access to Ainos2’s 10 favorite colors. With faves ranging from sweet to dark, critics might accuse Glammed-Up of trying to be everything to everyone, but Ainos2’s sincerity shines through. She’s an authentic nail art expert.

6.  Glitter Millie
True to its name, the cheery Glitter Millie blog is about glittery nails, sparkly makeup, and all things pretty and shiny.

“Polished” Advice: Glitter Millie certainly comes through with marvelous nail polish posts, but the chatty blog is peppered with stories, photos, and video of Millie’s pets (whose nails are not painted, by the way).

Nailin It: Glitter Millie provides step-by-step instructions for achieving dramatic designs. And Millie’s tags make it simple to look for posts about specific colors, brands, and topics. Glitter Millie is the go-to blog for nail polish lovers with a penchant for cats.

7.  Juicy Nails
Juicy Nails is a bilingual (French and English) blog for polish lovers with natural nails.

“Polished” Advice: Juicy Nails presents all information – posts, contests, bios, links – in two languages: French and English. It can be a bit cumbersome to scroll through one language to get to the next. But Juicy Nails offers some fun features that make the effort worthwhile. Regular “frankens” – mixing multiple colors to create a brand new shade – are posted with excellent how-to instructions.

Nailin’ It: Juicy Nails is an attractive blog with easy-to-find links and leads. Some moderate advertising can be distracting, but it’s generally in one area of the blog and is therefore easily avoided.

8.  Katrina’s Nail Blog
Follow Katrina, a college student from Michigan, as she “paints her nails instead of doing her homework.” Not recommended, but fun!

“Polished” Advice: Katrina’s Nail Blog goes well beyond color to feature some really brilliant nail art. Katrina takes standard nail art supplies – stuff any follower could find in a beauty supply store – and brings them to life.

Nailin’ It: Followers can try their luck in Katrina’s Nail Blog giveaways. Katrina promises to be completely unbiased and even shares her scientific approach to selecting a winner. Handy links to other nail polish site giveaways make Katrina’s Nail Blog a one-stop shop!

9.  Lacquer Laine
Take a stroll down Lacquer Laine to find swatches, reviews, tutorials, nail art, and custom shades.

“Polished” Advice: Elaine is the sole contributor to the Lacquer Laine blog. She’s been obsessed with manicuring since the age of 10. Elaine features not only new products but also old hard-to-find shades. Her comparisons make it easy to decide between one polish and another.

Nailin’ It: Laquer Laine is a well-known member of the nail community. Helpful links connect followers with other polish blogs and specialty sites. Elaine shares her current Top 20 colors which are “subject to change at any moment!”

10.  By Lumin0us
By Lumin0us “talks nails” primarily in Portuguese and followed by an English translation.

“Polished” Advice: By Lumin0us takes followers beyond swatches with dramatic how-to video tutorials. These short yet detailed videos demonstrate step-by-step how to achieve specific nail art. By Lumin0us joins followers with other polish blogs with practical links.

Nailin’ It: There’s a lot of frankening going on at By Lumin0us. Tips for improving less-than-ideal colors prevent having to throw them away! What makes this blogs’ custom polishes unique is that followers get an opportunity to offer names for the new shades.

11.  Manicure Latino
Manicure Latino is a fun-filled blog that takes followers to KONAD land and beyond. (That’s stamping nail art, in case you’re wondering!)

“Polished” Advice: Manicure Latino contributor Mayra loves everything about nails and makeup. Her creative attempts at nail art and stamping are displayed with outstanding pics of manicures and pedicures. (Foot phobes needn’t fear: the pedis are shown with fake feet!)

Nailin’ It: Not only does Manicure Latino list related polish blogs, it also provides thumbnails for each link to save time. Google translator enables followers to view the site in any language. Without the translator, visitors view the blog in Spanish and English.

12.  Mood Puppet’s Polish Pron
One contributor shares her experiences with nail art, her love life, and animal rescue.

“Polished” Advice: Mood Puppet’s Polish Pron (aka Porn) is a basic blog featuring swatches and random comments. Posts are irregular and a little repetitive. It’s fun to read about a variety of nail art plates, supplies, and storage options, but the most interesting stuff on this site are the links to other polish blogs.

Nailin’ It: One thing Mood Puppet’s Polish Pron does really well is identify the manicures in its photos. Each mani is followed by the specific names of base brand and color, pattern, and plate.

13.  Nail Art Tuesday
Nail Art Tuesday features a new natural-nail art design every Tuesday.

“Polished” Advice: This blog is all about nail art. Every Tuesday, blogger Jamie Debree shares a new design made for natural nails. Jamie’s occasional Friday posts feature product reviews and other polish info. Nail Art Tuesday sticks to the business of nail polish without the distractions of pets, love advice, or other unrelated topics. When you visit Nail Art Tuesday, you actually feel like you’re visiting a nail polish blog.

Nailin’ It: Jamie shows her nail art procedures with step-by-step photos. She even helps you correct your mistakes! Regular follows appreciate Nail Art Tuesday’s “Design of the Week,” polish and nail art supplier lists, and beauty and fashion links.

14.  Nailstah
At Nailstah, a “burgeoning nail lacquer enthusiast” shares her obsession and “nails it. One polish at a time.”

“Polished” Advice: Nailstah comes through with helpful color and product reviews via consistent posts. The blogs aims to be as positive as possible (“I’m sorry, I don’t usually like to say I blatantly dislike something…”) while providing real and honest feedback.  The photos are fantastic – some bloggers simply have nicer hands than others!

Nailin’ It: The ChitterChatter link is a fun feature that really draws in followers. Nailstah promises to turn a backlog of untried polishes into many more posts to come.

15.  Naïve Nails
Gilded Angel’s Naïve Nails charts one gal’s obsession with nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: Naïve Nails looks more like a website than a blog. It’s nicely formatted and easy to navigate. However, the blog itself lacks substance. Gilded Angel maintains other obsessive blogs – makeup, piercings – and doesn’t always have a lot to offer on the nail polish front. There are a lot of posts about why there are no polish posts!

Nailin’ It: Naïve Nails provides a link to Flickr for a swatch slideshow of sorts. It’s the most polish action any of the blog’s followers – nearly 600 of them – will see.

16.  PerryPie’s Nail Polish Adventures
University of Calgary grad and polish-holic, Helena Perry, may have a history degree and a biology and museum studies minor, but this blog is all (well mostly) about nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: PerryPie’s Nail Polish Adventures really draws in it followers. Members can enter giveaways, but more importantly, they can recommend colors for Perry to review.

Nailin’ It: Visitors can subscribe to posts, comments or both. Perry’s blog archive, labels, and favorite blog links are helpful but rather unspecific. Instead of rooting through a lot of stuff to find what they’re looking for, followers should use the blog’s Google search.

17.  Polish Me Happy!!!!
Kat, a member and product reviewer for brings us this blog devoted to nail polish (and only nail polish).

“Polished” Advice: Polish Me Happy (aka PMH) is a welcoming blog for lovers of nail polish colors. Kat posts frequently and shares polishes of all colors and brands. Search functions and links to other nail polish blogs makes PMH a one-stop site for the latest and neatest colors.

Nailin’ It: Polish Me Happy features a fun Twitter conversation box that keeps followers updated with the status of her latest manicure (“48 hours since my Zoya Roxy manicure, and ZERO chipping at this timeJ”).

18.  PolishSis
This blog features two sisters who just love nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: Sisters Inge and Sharon live in Holland and share a love of “everything that shines, glitters, sparkles and has funky vampy colors… especially when it’s nail polish.” The sisters publish their blog in both Dutch and English, and enjoy visitors from all over the world (which they track with a fun flag counter).

Nailin’ It: The swatches are first-rate and feature gorgeous manicures on lovely nails. The blog stays focused on the topic at hand: namely, nail polish colors. Giveaways featuring fabulous products keep followers coming back.

19.  Preposterously’s Nail Blog
Sole contributor Jasmine likes pretty things and shares them with her followers on Preposterously’s Nail Blog.

“Polished” Advice:
Preposterously’s Nail Blog delivers the most important thing a polish blog can offer: swatches. The site is bright and airy and doesn’t feel busy at all. Its simplistic layout enables visitors to concentrate on the manicures without the distraction of search engines, ads, and random text.

Nailin’ It: Jasmine’s posts are pretty regular, appearing about once a week. Tags, categories, and links make it easy for followers to find the products they need to achieve Preposterously’s Nail Blog’s looks.

20.  Pretty’s Nails & Co.
Pretty’s Nails & Co. blogs polish, makeup, body care and more for brown-skinned women.

“Polished” Advice: This blog goes beyond nail polish and covers all things beautiful. The contributor is a member of Brown Beauty Bloggers, Inc., a group that houses brown-skinned bloggers across the internet. The blog features polish, makeup, skin care, body care, shopping and more.

Nailin’ It: Pretty’s Nails & Co. is published in French, with accompanying English translation. Polish lovers may have to sift through some other topics to find what they want. Now that the blog has passed its 200 followers goal, look for great giveaways!

21.  Polishing the nails!
Sole contributor rijaH blogs about nail polish, jewelry, shopping, music videos, hot guys, and charity.

“Polished” Advice: Since rijaH is from Denmark, Polishing the nails! is in Danish, but English translations appear with the click of a button. There are great nail polish tips on this blog, but there’s a lot of non-nail related stuff, too.

Nailin’ It: You never know what to expect with this blog. Even the most diehard nail polish addicts will appreciate the occasional breaks in action featuring a hot soccer player in the new Nike video, or the lovely silver ring that so beautifully complements rijaH’s manicures.

22.  Sasse’s ‘nad Stamping Stampede
Sasse’s ‘nad Stamping Stampede promotes the notion that nails – long or short – should be a canvas for creativity.

“Polished” Advice: Sasse’s ‘nad Stamping Stampede is not affiliated with Konad or Fauxnad, but they’re most definitely the focus of this blog. In fact, Sasse recommends less-expensive alternative polishes that work well with the brand-name stamps. A handy category pull-down menu provides links to posts featuring a wide array of nail polish brands.

Nailin’ It: Perhaps the nicest feature on Sasse’s ‘nad Stamping Stampede is the FAQs section. Visitors and followers can find quick answers to all of their nail art and stamping questions.

Nail polish addict Li Lian shares her passion for nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: The nice thing about this blog is its fondness for short and wide (rather than long and fake) nails. The pics show just how nice a good manicure looks on even the tiniest of nails. NAILS NAILS NAILS isn’t the most sophisticated site. The photos and swatches are of nice quality, but the overall layout of the blog is pretty basic.

Nailin’ It: Li Lian and guest blogger Julie list dozens of nail polishes they’d like to try (hint, hint followers).  NAILS NAILS NAILS just recently announced its first giveaway. Oddly, the gift includes jewelry and makeup… but no nail polish!

24.  The Dutch Nail Blog
The Dutch Nail Blog is an award-winning site about nails, nail polish, and nail art.

“Polished” Advice: As the name implies, The Dutch Nail Blog is in Dutch (with accompanying English translation). The blog currently features a terrific list of brands and their colors. Under construction is an FAQ section that will address how to fix a broken nail, how to paint nails, how to do clean-up, hand care routines, and Konad tips.

Nailin’ It: The Dutch Nail Blog has received both the Best Blogger Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award. One outstanding feature that is pretty unique to this blog is the discount code. By referring to The Dutch Nail Blog, shoppers at receive 15% off on all Konad, China Glaze, and other nail polish orders.

25.  The Hungry Asian
This nail polish blog by Kae Redding of California is “really not about food, most of the time.”

“Polished” Advice: The Hungry Asian posts polish-related posts almost daily. Vivid photos of manicures bring the shades to life. Finding a favorite post is simple with Kae’s extensive category breakdown. The blog archive, too, is easy-to-use and helps followers catch up on posts they may have missed.

Nailin’ It: The Hungry Asian sponsors great giveaways. Companies such as Lancome contribute donations for the giveaways. And as the title suggests, every now and then a post about fabulous food will appear.

26.  The Nailphile
At The Nailphile, bloggers offer everything polish-related, from swatches and tutorials to online shopping coupons.

“Polished” Advice: The Nailphile bears one of the coolest names of any polish blog on the net.  While the blog pages themselves are nothing special, they do provide everything a nail polish junkie needs – just without the fancy stuff.

Nailin’ It: Click the link to contributor SiobhanM123’s Flickr photostream and be rewarded more than 43 pages of spectacular high-quality photos. Visitors looking for something specific will appreciate the category options which include nail polish swatches by color, by finish, and by brand.

27.  The Swatchaholic
The Swatchaholic blog is “the official home of a nail polish lover.”

“Polished” Advice: The Swatchaholic’s blog is a “little place in the interwebs where I love to talk and post pictures and swatches of nail polishes and nail art.” This well-designed blog is very complete and makes the most of every available feature on the Web. Each post references other related posts to make each follower’s visit complete.

Nailin’ It: Visitors can check out the latest posts on the blog’s homepage or jump to archives of the NOTD (Nail of the Day) and KOTD (Konad of the Day) postings. The Swatchaholic promotes upcoming posts and conducts polls about nail polish, discontinued shades, and more.

28.  Trendy Nail
Trendy Nail is an Italian blog featuring nail swatches, nail art, nail stamping, French manicure, nail rebuilding, and more.

“Polished” Advice: Trendy Nail is a contemporary blog with the most up-to-date info and trends regarding nail care and nail fashions. Trendy Nail is overflowing with posts, contests, links, and previews about nails. The polish info is mixed in with the posts and links about makeup, hairstyles, and body care, but the blog is set up so that it’s easy to find a specific topic. Nail topics include swatches, nail art, nail stamping, and much more.

Nailin’ It: The blog is actually posted in Italian. A literal English translation is available, but it’s cumbersome at best.

29.  Tuli’s Nails
Tuli’s Nails shares Tuli’s quest to live a colorful life through nail polishes and nail art.

“Polished” Advice: Tuli’s Nails is pretty in pink. The site boasts lovely girlie colors and is fun to browse. It’s well-organized and, in addition to its regular posts, features giveaways, contests, coupons, and links. An on-site search engine helps visitors find their way around the blog. Tuli’s Nails is an esteemed member of The Polish Blogger Network.

Nailin’ It: Tuli’s Nails is written in English and in Hebrew. At Tuli’s Market, members can swap polishes with other members throughout the world. Everybody wins!

30.  What Katie Did Her Polish
What Katie Did Her Polish is a blog run by polish-lover Katie from Greece.

“Polished” Advice: What Katie Did Her Polish is not fancy, but it does provide precisely what nail polish addicts are after: lots of photos and swatches of polishes. Katie might enter posts daily for a few weeks but then disappear from the blog for a month or two. There’s enough stuff in her archives, however, to keep visitors entertained until Katie returns.

Nailin’ It: Like most nail blogs, What Katie Did Her Polish provides links to other polish blogs as well as a list of labels to help search for favorite posts and products.

31.  All Lacquered Up
A self-proclaimed “nail polish fanatic’s resource,” All Lacquered Up provides nail polish tips and information in a fun, newsy format.

“Polished” Advice: All Lacquered Up’s photo galleries are outstanding! The color gallery boasts hundreds of swatches categorized by color category. The side-by-side comparison gallery takes two or more shades that are really similar and shows them together for easy analysis.

Nailin’ It: There is quite a bit of advertising on All Lacquered Up, but the more the 200,000 visitors per month don’t seem to mind. Blog founder Michelle developed “the web’s first nail focused beauty blog” as an outlet to share her love of color and all things nails. Features include nail trends, lacquer collection reviews, and industry insider comments.

32.  Babbling Brooke
Babbling Brooke serves up the latest nail polish trends with additional posts about beauty products, food, pets, family, and green living.

“Polished” Advice: Babbling Brooke’s blog layout touches upon all of her areas of interest. But even with links to animal shelters mixed in, the blog is easy to navigate. Brooke enters fun and informative posts almost daily, nail-related posts about once a week.

Nailin’ It: The running slideshow is always on and includes fabulous photos and swatches. The live traffic feed is fascinating to watch and provides a fun way to identify and locate other nail bloggers.

33.  Nail Galore
Nail Galore is the brainchild of a few nail polish-obsessed girls who want to share their knowledge of manicures with every woman who might need it.

“Polished” Advice: Nail Galore is more than a blog, it’s a blog shop with the byline “Pamper your nails with us, coz like you guys, we too care for the beauty of nails.” Blog members receive regular newsletters, discounts of up to 50% on nail products, special occasion vouchers, priority status for new colors, and free deliveries.

Nailin’ It
Nail Galore only sells OPI “for now.” Nail Galore particularly likes OPI’s array of colors, collections, and fun, unique color names.

34.  Polished Beauty Blog
Polished Beauty Blog is run by LaChelle (aka AdorePink) who, while attending grad school for social work, paints her nails and blogs about it.

“Polished” Advice: Dedicated to makeup lovers and nail polish enthusiasts, Polished Beauty Blog is ideal for drugstore customers. Affordable brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Sally Hansen are featured in the swatches and posts. LaChelle’s posts are so current that she’s able to offer magnificent tips about what brands are on sale where.

Nailin’ It: Polished Beauty Blog is a proud member of the Polish Blogger Network and provides links to fellow nail polish blogs.

35.  polishSWATCHES
polishSWATCHES is “a nail polish blog dedicated to nail care articles, nail art tutorials, polish reviews, and TONS of swatches!”

“Polished” Advice: polishSWATCHES keeps a current blog of hot deals and new finds. The “Latest Headlines” helps visitors hone in on just the topics they like. The blog primarily features nail news, with makeup interjections here and there.

Nailin’ It: Written by FabulousFashion, this blog is highly interactive, encouraging visitor input on followers’ latest published comments. There are some ads, but they don’t detract from the focus and quality of the posts.

36.  Scrangie
Scrangie is the name of a blog and an unusual girl with a love for unusual polish.

“Polished” Advice: Scrangie definitely focuses on nail polish. It’s fun to scroll through the swatches to see the unusual colors. (And every now and then some matching eye shadow is featured – cool!) Visitors and followers know what Scrangie is doing at all times – she not only Tweets on Twitter, she also posts her Tweets on her blog!

Nailin’ It: Scrangie is an award-winning blog that’s been posting since 2005. The site has evolved from covering all things pretty to intensely focusing on curious nail colors and Konads.

37.  Vampy Varnish
Vampy Varnish provides swatches and reviews of the latest nail polish brands and colors to about 75,000 visitors from 115 countries every month.

“Polished” Advice: Kelly, an English major and amateur photographer, is the sole contributor to Vampy Varnish. The blog is a hobby that serves as Kelly’s “creative outlet.” There are tabs that feature other areas of Kelly’s life, “but Vampy Varnish’s main focus will always be nail polish.”

Nailin’ It Like most nail polish blogs, Vampy Varnish features fun photos and swatches of nail products. The main negative of the site is that the home page doesn’t feature pics with the latest posts. You have to click “Read more” to actually see what “blurple” is.

38.  You’ve Got Nail
You’ve Got Nail (YGN) is a nail blog about all things lacquer, especially Australian and Asian lacquers.

“Polished” Advice: You’ve Got Nail is written by Jacie, “an unrepentant lacquer lover and collector from Australia.” Though a high-ranking executive in one of Australia’s largest companies (and a married mother of two young boys), Jacie finds spare time to share her passion for nails. At last count, Jacie had 300 bottles of polish.

Nailin’ It: You’ve Got Nail is updated daily. Posts feature remarkable manicures and classic disasters. The Naily News lets members and other bloggers post their fabulous nails on You’ve Got Mail.

39.  Healthy Nails Blog
Brought to you by BB Couture Nail Products, Healthy Nails Blog is dedicated to healthy nail care (and more).

“Polished” Advice: There’s more BB Couture promotion than “healthy nails advice” on Healthy Nails Blog, but it’s an excellent blog nonetheless. Posts feature commentary from men on the male nail polish trend, as well as invitations to Skills challenges for nail designers.

Nailin’ It: Healthy Nails Blog holds true to its name with posts on such things as nail polish toxins. The blog also pays tribute to other nail polish blogs on the web – even those who don’t actively promote BB Couture Nail Products.

40.  nubar Nail Lacquers
The nubar Nail Lacquers blog features posts and feedback on nubar’s formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and toluene-free polishes.

“Polished” Advice: nubar Nail Lacquers’ site passively promotes nubar products. The blog displays posts from other well-known nail polish blogs that have positively reviewed nubar products. This generates a sense of team spirit while lending credibility to the nubar brand.

Nailin’ It: Fortunately, nubar Nail Lacquers is always adding fab new shades to the collection (otherwise this blog could quickly become boring). And since it sponsors its own blog, nubar offers percents off discounts to members, followers, and visitors.

41.  Getcha Nails Did
Getcha Nails Did is a fun, irreverent blog dedicated to nail polish and nail art.

“Polished” Advice: Getcha Nails Did is presented by Brooke B. , a female Taurus in the accounting industry whose occupation is “full-time babysitter of grown men.” The blog boasts more than 1,000 registered members, partly due – no doubt – to the gigantic nail polish giveaways. (Oh, and instead of “followers,” members are referred to as “Who’s getting their nails did?”)

Nailin’ It: Getcha Nails Did honors fellow nail polish bloggers with prominent links to their sites. Brooke’s pets and babies add life to the site without taking away from the blog’s nail polish focus.

42.  Tammy Taylor Nails Blog
The Tammy Taylor Nails Blog talks natural fingernails, acrylic nails, manicures, pedicures, and building a nail business.

“Polished” Advice: If you’re coming to Tammy Taylor Nails Blog to find swatches, you’re out of luck. What you will find are business lessons – each featuring a different still photo of Tammy Taylor herself. You won’t see the latest vampy colors or glittery stamps, but you will learn how to compete with discount salons.

Nailin’ It: Tammy Taylor Nails is generous with discounts and giveaways. But there is so much self-promotion to wade through before you can figure out where those giveaways are! This blog serves a niche, but not that of the nail polish addicts.

43.  Zoya Nail Polish
Zoya Nail Polish is the go-to blog for the latest on everyone’s favorite vegan-friendly nail polish.

“Polished” Advice: This brilliant (as in shiny) blog is bursting with colors, sparkles, and celebrities.  Visiting the blog is like reading a fashion magazine. Visitors can find photos of their favorite celebs sporting fabulous nail polish, and find that same shade with just one click to Zoya’s shop for convenient ordering!

Nailin’ It: Obviously the Zoya Nail Polish blog features its own products. But that’s no small task – Zoya offers over 300 nail polish colors plus four seasonal collections every year.

44.  Nail Blog Network
The Nail Blog Network is “where nail polish bloggers are uniting and connecting with their readers!”

“Polished” Advice: The Nail Blog Network is a one-stop shop to see what all the top nail polish blogs are currently posting. The network gives equal press to the little independent bloggers as it does the Zoyas.

Nailin’ It: With so many nail polish blogs out there, you would think the Nail Blog Network could come up with more than just three or four posts per month.

45.  Lacquerized
Lacquerized is the love child of an Amsterdam student who was once a compulsive nail biter.

“Polished” Advice: Michele is an Interactive Media Professional from The Netherlands. The self-described “nerdy” blogger channels her love for nail polish and her knowledge of Web design into this gorgeous site. The swatches and other pics are so clear you’d swear you were viewing them through a magnifying glass.

Nailin’ It: Michele updates Lacquerized at least three times a week. Followers can easily relate to Michele’s notion that the never-ending array of nail polish colors is the shining beacon in their lives. In addition to the striking swatches, Lacquerized offers countless how-to tips on the proper use of nail polish.

46.  The Daily Nail
Just as the name suggests, The Daily Nail is the newspaper of polish junkies.

“Polished” Advice: The goal of The Daily Nail is to present 365 different nail designs in 365 days. Featured nails are truly creative and feature everything from a tribute to Geek Pride Day to bling-y Sex and the City designs. The Daily News heralds from Las Vegas and has well over a thousand followers.

Nailin’ It: The Daily Nail admits it receives compensation from advertisers, but it appears that the ads don’t interfere with the blog’s accurate portrayal of various nail products.

47.  Pretty in Polish
Pretty in Polish is “dedicated to amazing polish shades, new collections, and the latest nail trends.”

“Polished” Advice: Blogger Megan reviews polish colors and new products. While Megan doesn’t have the prettiest nails – and her paint jobs are a little sloppy – her photos offer helpful examples of polish colors. Posts are a little inconsistent and more than a few begin with “Sorry!” followed by apologies about the lack of new posts.

Nailin’ It: Pretty in Polish is easy on the eyes and provides fun links to other polish blogs and brand sites. Megan can be a little sales-y and actively solicits free samples from manufacturers, but otherwise keeps annoying ads to a minimum.

48.  I Love Nail Polish
I Love Nail Polish features one woman’s passion for color.
“Polished” Advice: I Love Nail Polish is a fun, friendly blog featuring dazzling colors from top-of-the-line brands. The easy-to-use archive highlights the posts of the previous month and makes it simple to find a photo or post about a particular color. There’s no need to browse tags to find what you’re looking for – I Love Nail Polish features its own Google search tool. And the Google translator converts I Love Nail Polish to any one of dozens of languages.

Nailin’ It: Blogger Wan of Vancouver regularly shares the stunning covers and spreads of hard-to-find Japanese nail magazines. I Love Nail Polish boasts nearly 600 followers!

49.  Dr. Frankenpolish
Dr. Frankenpolish offers “tips and tricks for creating your own nail polish.”

“Polished” Advice: Dr. Frankenpolish is a user-friendly blog serving up two to three posts per week. Mid-week posts feature custom mix-your-own colors. Franken-free Fridays spotlight the new shades offered by well-known brands. Use the handy calendar to search for your favorite posts. Dr. Frankenpolish has an extensive fan group worldwide, so there are always fun comments to read.

Nailin’ It: Dr. Frankenpolish differentiates itself from other nail polish blogs with “frankening” – mixing your own polish colors. Blogger Amanda guides members through the art and science of frankening. The results are fabulous with unique homemade colors ranging from Scrambled Eggs to Serpentine.


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