removable Gel Nail to replace Acrylic Nail.

crystal nails need to grind a surface, easy to damage the nails, the girls Scared detachable phototherapy nail in recent years to become the new darling of many girls, just smear the gel can be lasting increase gloss, nail salon, said Kai Ruisha children and consumers to shop, do light therapy plus hand, foot and maintenance accounted for 8 to 9 percent, while today’s popular nail polish gel phototherapy, compared to traditional light therapy is completed A surface is thicker, the A shiny spa like nail polish, the thickness of the natural like coating layer of nail polish, some brand aspirations completely without grinding the true A, can also buy professional self-removable light water is expected to will cause a pandemic.

Nails remover can be removable

The industry have said that, after Phototherapy Nail popular about 2 to 3 years detachable phototherapy listed, early non-detachable light therapy like crystal nails, to be dropped only washboard-worn, hurt really A surface concerns, while the traditional detachable phototherapy texture is gelatinous, the damage degree is lower, removable washboard rubbed off when the first surface light layer to the light water can be a professional removable, so a lot of beauty girl rush. Consumers to shop from 8 to 90 percent will do light therapy plus hand, foot and maintenance, crystal nail remaining 1% horse favorite, public relations, nail salon, Kai Ruisha children. Kanebo Group, Sharon play America club that consumers do phototherapy of 6 to 7 percent, the store brand Shellac the phototherapy Xuelei gels, nail technician propose to do about two weeks of light therapy is necessary to dismount in order to avoid The nails become fragile.
Another nail brand OPI will be launched in May jelly phototherapy nail, price reduced to six fold, and aspirations without polishing true A removable when you do not need to rub off the surface of the light layer can be specialized to light water removable, Nail, director of the Soviet Union between the United States and Iraq, jelly phototherapy thinner and softer, nails brittle consumers still fit the traditional thick gel-phototherapy, and would like to extend the consumption of the A side length of more applicable to the maximum hardness of the crystal nails.
Phototherapy popular extension to the hotel is a spa, sky Fountain, Taipei Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, the most important of hand, foot and conservation and phototherapy painting services, public relations assistant manager Ren Yu said, opening up an appointment on the 25th, a single day is full to the next weekend, the overwhelming response.

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