Nail Polish Colors – Which Colors Look Best On Your Skin Tone?

There are lots of wonderful nail polish colors you can opt for from, there is a color to suit every mood you are feeling and outfit you are wearing.
Nail colors
Depending on your skin tone some colors can really stand out and look amazing on your fingernails.

Pink polish is often a incredibly well-known option, there are lots of different shades of pink and once again depending on your skin tone you need to have to find a shade of pink which suits you.

For example, if you are dark skinned a yellow based nail polish will work well for you and if you are fair skinned, a blue based fingernail polish is most effective.

To come across out the difference, when you are out shopping for fingernail polish, take a piece of plain paper with you and hold the nail polish up against the paper and you will see a reflection of the color. If you don’t have any paper, use your wrist.

There are also several diverse kinds of polish to choose from such as matte, glitter, metallic, shimmer and additional shine.


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