Woman like nail like skin care, like fanatical, because the hand is a woman’s face, how to make this face beautiful it?

Of course, is to make nails dazzle. Nail for nail wear pretty clothes, but once off it is very ugly, if you always go to repair and very cost money in a wide variety of nail, which can maintain the longest time?

Nail can be selected:

An ordinary nail: on the armor base oil (to protect nails, let nails turn yellow), the election of colored nail polish two coats, stamped with the light oil (to prevent the nail polish off, increasing the brightness).

Nail patch: is this A paste or semi-mount plastic of a film, can be transparent, but also can be colored, then cover the nail polish or other nail and then a chip, the main to make up for their own nail shape and length less than.

Nail Gel nail:

Nails will fight hair, painted with light therapy gum, which is a resin, UV heat lamp to dry, and a polished surface can be kept about three weeks, the new nails grow, you can fill Nail Gel plastic, be extended for more than a week time, also do a light therapy, can be maintained in a month or so. Nail Gel is divided into light therapy can unload and not unload the Nail Gel , Nail Gel , removable removable removable potion will nail wrap, soak a few minutes, steel push, can be easily relieved. Can not unload the the Nail Gel plastic, removable, to be completely Nail Gel layer polished off, and also injury to the nail itself. Removable the Nail Gel plastic than the non-unloading Nail Gel soft plastic, to keep the time short.

This shows that light therapy nail is the longest hold time. Light therapy nail prevalent, many people bought on glue of light therapy and Nail Gel lights, their own home, you can also do light therapy A. Remind crush note: Nail Gel light, ultraviolet light, sunburn, a serious cause of skin cancer, it is recommended that nail in preparation for UV protection a pair of mitts, gloves, and protect the skin at the same time to get beautiful.


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