First time makes the nail,

 hoped entertains guests at a banquet when the fingertip saw the candidate white the level to be gradually radiant satisfactory, was also simply graceful Before Ava, only then the nail colored drawing on pottery, this time selected the magazine slightly to change the funds the modelling to attempt the phototherapy marble garland + several rose + fingertip to add the color block Counter-Buddhist ritual procedures color phototherapy + silver onion line & The diamond embellishes, is also simply natural The nail happy Shui Shuizhei who repaired to the boyfriend time selects the Buddhist ritual procedures colored drawing on pottery to add on Jin Congtie to drill embellishment really good US Does not see for a long time the Milly first attempt phototherapy protected the armor to recommend the classics not to defeat the funds Buddhist ritual procedures the level to be gradually radiant Is the Milly foot bifurcation has challenged four color candy ~ which ultra jumps very lovable ~ Dear opened helps him to choose the leopard grain funds full phototherapy to protect the armor to have the individuality very much Soon graduates after Schoolmate Han inspected the nail, last week those who have made and my same design rose immediately was really the woman most loves skin Schoolmate Han in vain this section really good built In the custom cuticle cream woman of quality wife the first colored drawing on pottery, has recommended the lofty Buddhist ritual procedures Also too dodged in section of magazine funds ~!!! Must match black formal clothes’ Shui Shui I to recommend his Buddhist ritual procedures gradually the level Canada colored drawing on pottery line hand entire to shine Resembles the anna black red indigo butterfly wind the foot bifurcation phototherapy black purple to alternate with has the individuality

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