not only nails pretty and beautiful but also healthy.

A growing number of nail polish and nail products, on the one hand allows the were to have beautiful nails, on the other hand unwittingly harm the health of nails. The following the nail training courses talk about Is there any way to not only nails pretty and beautiful but also healthy.

Tips1: remover polish

MM who often use a acetone Resurrection of water, this Resurrection of water can quickly nails clean, but it also makes nails more vulnerable. Resurrection of the composition of water, regular products are marked on the bottle, acetone, there are other name such as dimethyl ketone, dimethyl ketone. General MM should minimize Resurrection of water, because no matter what the Resurrection water will wipe the grease to protect nails, make nails become drier!

Tips2: nail tidy

MM may think long fingernails will become more beautiful and more elegant, but this will make the nail easy to break! To the health of nails, should be appropriate to sacrifice a little nail length. As long as the repair of short some nails, and do not have to worry about nails too fragile fracture.

Tips3: hot water and soap

If a long time in hot water and soap or hand sanitizer containing soap to wash their hands, then, will the skin and nails have brought great harm to make the nail more dry and fragile. MM should avoid contact with hot water and cleaning products contain soap. Like soap, detergent, laundry detergent and liquid soap, etc., should be put on plastic gloves to protect your fingers only to do the housework, can also be coated with a thick layer of hand cream to the fingernail, can also be from the hands to protect.

Tips4: biotin

The so-called biological factors in fact vitamin H, it is to maintain the growth of the body’s natural water-soluble vitamin necessary for normal body function is to maintain normal growth, development and health of the necessary nutrients, can not through synthetic. Absorb enough biotin can make your nails strong, reducing out the emergence of hair and white hair. Many foods are rich in biotin, like milk, egg yolk, lean meat, and wheat, we usually should be eating!

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