White nail polish, lavender, gold, brown nail polish.

Summer Fun section, first paragraph:

Although the nail is not long, they can have cute nails Oh. Let us look at the finished product!

Is not it lovely? Remember that today’s theme is “at will” hold the mentality that the same as the children learn to draw, according to the description on the line. Relax more! Is not too deliberately to seek to clear lines. A bit crooked, or painted over the line does not matter Oh!

let’s look to be what material! Chose orange, watermelon red, lemon yellow, gold nail polish. Then, choose bright colors color is more rich, Oh.

The first step: first painted yellow nail polish as a background painted twice, the first time can be relatively thin, the second and then cover up make fuller colors. The background should pay attention not infected dirt or caking.

Step 2: In the position shown in Figure, from a nail the top right down the ramp painted, orange will be very eye-catching. Draw the line is not very accurate and do not feel offended by Oh. YY casual sense. And then cover it again in accordance with the original track.

The third step: at the top of the orange nails and then a big red to the end. The big red nail polish is a little pearl would be better to Kane.

Step four: gold painting of the final and then a slash up, some people may feel too colorful, then decorated with gold is the best. Enhance a gorgeous sense of oh. Finally then coated with a layer of transparent nail polish will do.

Colorful summer nail to complete. Shopping with friends, the nail must make girlfriends envy of Oh.

The second a romantic girl wind

Emphasis on girls wind, so the colors used is relatively short. Create a girl’s temperament, elegant and a little romantic.

Let’s look at the basic material it

White nail polish, lavender, gold, brown nail polish.

The first step: the first on the background, painted twice, coated with a pearl nail polish will be better. Will not let the color becomes concentrated. Note do not agglomerate.

Step Two: Figure location with purple nail polish in the nails tail painted diamond. According to the order of 1-4 draw. Then fill the middle.


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