Fox version of cottage nail gel nail. Best game of pass the time.

Raised his hand, facing the sun and enjoy the masterpiece on the nail. The sun reflects the exceptionally gorgeous beauty in the collections of purple flash and clear, trapped inside.

Warm water immersion to the finger’s skin soft, remember to be careful not allowed softener dripping on the A side, will not make the grow of the nails calcification. The dead skin push + dead skin clamp, cut off the dead skin around the nail bed repair type. Nail before protection is an essential step. Will not turn yellow, not breaking nails, to the United States and the United States a long time. Coated with colorless calcium fortified base oil, the great merit report became half.

The color of crushing sequins make the background of the first pass. Over-intensive deep purple glitter nail polish, and finally at your fingertips position dotted with a few grains of large pieces of flash piece. Fixed color of the top oil.

Not typing on the keyboard, do not do any housework, and to drink a cup in front of quiet watching a movie, waiting for the polish to dry process. Knew already spent one afternoon. Rub on the front of the mirror favorite lipstick went to the United States and the United States to a romantic dinner.

The hand is a woman’s face. Fingertips is the eyes of the palm of your hand. The charming woman will be careful care of their every finger. Weak temperature over the every inch of skin, resist inviting

You hear the sound of heart?

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