Painted dark nail polish, brush in the bottle scuffing, remove excess nail polish.

A netizen asked painted dark nail polish tips, she said: “how I painted the middle are still uneven vertical stripes, I painted from the middle since then apply on both sides of, but not useful, whatmake dark nail polish coated evenly trick? of course, with it!

If your nails are uneven, then do not expect painted with nail polish can conceal it. Chinese medicine believes that the nails can reflect the health status of people, so If your nails are uneven stripes may be health reasons, to pay attention to myself.

Must first coated with a layer of base oil coated with dark nail polish, protect nails at the same time allow the nail surface is more smooth, but also to prevent decolorization.

Brush from the start from the middle

Next, start the nail intermediate coating from the Put pen to paper about 2mm away from the nail on the edge, all in one brush in the end. Jiaxing Nail training courses prompt attention to the following is the key to success: When you painted, you need a little vigorously point, although the smearing is not dark nail polish, but you can see the brush is separate from the fan, so nail the oil can be more uniform coloring the surface of the nail.

Then coated on both sides

No matter how wide your nails, basically the middle part of the brush stroke is enough. Next coated on both sides of the same place from the edge of the nail 2mm. Write soft, then coated with the process of gradually force the brush to separate. This method covers the area, to avoid overlapping stripes.

If you do not accidentally smear the outside with a cotton swab stick a little the Resurrection water finishing well, and then coated with a light oil to maintain the durability of the color.

Note: once painted a dark nail polish too thick it is easy to fall off, in order to avoid this situation, Jiaxing nail to learn two smear each thin, and set aside in the middle of the first layer of sufficient time and other dry .


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